HTP Design

HTP Srl has been working in the plastic molding and die casting industry thanks to the reliable and flexible production gained in the last few years. It’s the ideal partner due to its high-quality service and the client’s satisfaction. HTP Srl carefully monitors the changing market and relies on an established and skilled technical staff. The staff can comply with any request from the client and ensure high-quality performances, thanks to their constant growth. HTP is part of the SAMEC group, which includes in its manufacturing field:
  • SAMEC specialized in designing and making moulds used in the footwear industry;
  • HTM specialized in designing and making steel and aluminum moulds used in die casting blow molding, thermoforming, and thermoplastic injection.

Thanks to the strong support of this reality, HTP can best satisfy our client’s demands and offer them a better and whole service. The technological investments recently done, the production capacity’s impressing growth and the support given by this reality are what characterize HTP and make us interested in forming new relationships based on collaboration and development.

Not only does HTP offer a range of products, but also produces moulds for third parties.