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Luigino A + P


Assemblage: to the handlebar with 22-25 diameter
Child’s weight: between 9kg and 15kg
Seat’s weight: 2,0 kg
Size: width 350 x length 380 x height 580 mm
Safety: three-locking duty belt, extremities protector not to stick the child’s legs in the spokes wheel, straps for footrests
Other characteristics: there are instructions with images and text, the colour is UV rays protected and is resistant to atmospheric agents, there is a washable and large padded seat
Colors: charcoal gray

Made in Italy

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LUIGINO is front mounted on the handlebar’s tube of your bike with a diameter between 22 and 25 mm.

This product is suitable for children aged between nine months and three years old, who do not weigh more than 15kg.

The child, seated in the front, will discover a new world and, at the same time, you will be able to check on them and talk to them while riding the bike.

The child seat is mounted on a galvanized steel saddle, which allows to absorb humps on the streets thanks to its spring system and protects the spine.

The child on the seat is secured by a three-locking duty belt, so they will not free themselves. Moreover, the buckle has two attachment points, which should be checked.

The footrests are adjustable in height and can be unhooked quickly; they consist of foot straps, which should always be hooked on your child’s legs before riding the bike.

The child seat has a breathable padded seat which allows your child to sweat without being too uncomfortable during hot days.

RECOMMENDATION: children must always wear the helmet while riding the bike.